Monday, November 24, 2008

Love Story

They were the most insignificant creatures around. Probably. But still, when they saw each other, the most significant thing happened. The male ant fell in love with the female ant.

On their first date they shared a cube of sugar and got bonded forever. Life, living in one corner of the house, was tough. They were forced to feast on the leftovers. Yet they were happy for their point of alacrity was not the food but each other’s presence while having it. Then came a time when even the leftovers stopped coming.

“But I have to go. There is no other option.” The male ant tried to explain his restless lover.

“Then take me also with you.”

“Try to understand, please. Some places might not be secured for you.”

“Why did God do this to us? We were so happy together.”

“Don’t worry. When I come back we’ll live together till eternity.” And so the male ant went away in search of food.

Dawn to dusk the female ant kept waiting for her lover to return. But there was no sign of him. If an ant was missing for more than two days, history said, only the inauspicious could be the reason. Though the male ant had already gone for five days still she chose not to get affected by the thought. Not even when she started starving.At times when she closed her eyes she was convinced they won’t open again but at the slightest of noise the strength returned.

This went on till the seventh day when the male ant appeared with five cubes of sugar. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I missed you like anything.” The female ant hugged him tight. “You know, no matter how much history haunted me, not for a single second did I believe you could die before me. My love for you gave my faith a vision.”

“Even I” The male ant took over, “While traversing the unknown territories, in search of food, was skeptic at every step. My parents had taught me not to cross the line ever. But I did it this time … and in doing so realized your love for me helped me reach not only the food required for our survival but it also allowed me to dare my fears and while coming back something important haloed my conscience. I not only covered the distance to the food alone but, for once, also the distance between me and myself. Even human beings fail at that throughout their lives!

They kissed and then started feasting on one of the sugar cubes, just like old times.

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY