Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moving On

There was this particular fear that used to grip me tight whenever I bought clothes for myself as a teenager. More acutely if the fitting was immaculate because then I was totally in love with the dress. Following which I, quite compulsively, remained nervous wondering what would I do if I over-grew it at some point of time? If its worth was lost after repeated washing? Worse, if I felt a sudden urge to or perhaps had to discard it in the future? Gosh, it was some tension!

Till of course I bought another set of perfect fitting clothes which coaxed me to fall in love with it (and I did!) invariably bringing forth the same fear. Though it also severed from me whatever I felt for my earlier clothes.

The point is, I learnt, Life is about moving on be it one’s clothes or relationships. And there’s nothing like ‘this is it’ in life. Everything has a substitute.

Only, you need to come across it.