Sunday, April 10, 2011

Auto Rickshaw

Last night I boarded an auto rickshaw without really knowing the exact location of the place I was heading to.

I did enjoy the three-wheeler's ride but I also had an eye on the fare meter all the while and was aware how swiftly it was ascending. Finally when I decided to step down somewhere close to the intended place the meter was showing a herculean figure.

I realized when we get into any relationship there’s always a fare meter running somewhere within. The more time you give to the relationship, the more the meter’s figure. And then if one decides to step out of the relationship at random or deliberately or even against will, the fare shown by the meter of the heart, almost always, goes well beyond one’s emotional budget at that point of time.

I concluded enjoying the ride is as important as keeping an eye on the fare meter so that in case something happens and one needs to move out, one should at least be able to handle it.