Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shoe Bite

“Yet another shoe bite?” I inquired rather animatedly seeing my friend’s funny gait. She displayed her cute smile as a response and said, “New shoes, new bite!”
“And still you wear it with a smile! What happened to the old one?”
“I’m done with it. I anyway was dragging it for too long." 
I shot an I-am-not-convinced look at her.
"Chill dear!" She said. "Just because a new shoe may bite doesn't mean I’m not going to try one. Also, it’s not that every shoe bites. And the only way to know which one does and which doesn't is to try one!” Her smile remained intact but mine disappeared because in her statement I discovered an important lesson about relationships. 
Sometimes we are so afraid of an emotional bite that we simply don't move on even though that’s the wisest thing to do. We are so hell bound on treating a present relationship on the basis of what we learned from our past that we almost prepare ourselves for an impending bite (which may not ever happen!).