Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Tourist

During a casual walk down a famous street in arguably one of the most coveted city of India I overheard couple of tourists praising a particular aspect of that city. And it was the same aspect which made the native disown the city many a times, complain about it insatiably and at times simply ignore it under the garb of a helpless acceptance.

Walking ahead of the two tourists I wondered how the same thing appealed to some who probably saw and lived it for a day while it disgusted the ones who witnessed and faced it every day. Subsequently it dawned on me that sometimes it’s better to take a breather and ‘become’ a tourist to our own problems, relationships, dilemmas and our own being. It surely helps us grow some more (and much needed) green grass on our emotional pasture.

PS: How to ‘become’ that tourist? That, I am afraid, can’t be generalised.