Friday, December 25, 2009

Tomorrow - Today - Yesterday

I believe (a personal one!) the way one laughs changes over time. And that the change is proportional to the experiences of life.

Last Sunday one of my uncles visited me. Though I was meeting him after a long time but he didn’t seem to have changed at all. My uncle always laughed like a child; without any inhibitions and straight from his heart. The surprise? He still laughs like that. If I tell you about his life then your definition of ‘bad luck’ would certainly be pushed. But I won’t do that as it will dilute the intention of this particular post.

All I want to share is what he told me when I asked him how he still manages to smile in his life-is-beautiful manner. This is what he said, “Even if Tomorrow is the most gorgeous woman on earth I don’t fantasize about her. If Today is the girl I love the most but I know I can’t get her I still live it to the full and not stop mid-way. And if Yesterday is the first crush of my life I, at best, remember her but never miss her.”

God bless him!

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY