Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Even If

As I entered a friend’s apartment campus, the other day, so did a girl from another end of the gate. She carried an unavoidable pleasantness with her. We walked almost together till we reached the ground floor. I pressed the elevator button while she waited. In between we shared a faint smile. The kind strangers share when their eyes suddenly meet. When the elevator arrived I let her enter first. She thanked me with a warm smile. It made my heart feel younger by a life. Only the two of us were inside as the elevator door closed. She pressed the eleventh floor button and glanced at me expectantly. I leaned forward and pressed the same button hinting I too was going to the same floor. Could she be one of my friend’s friend he mentioned was coming? My phone buzzed with a Whatsapp message.
‘Where are you?’ It was my friend. While replying him I heard the girl speak on her phone.
“Almost there.”
Finally the elevator door opened. I let her exit first. The warm smile appeared again but also accompanying it was a certain twinkle in her eyes. She went and stood in front of my friend’s flat. I rejoiced in my mind. I stood behind her and pressed the calling bell. She turned to me but before I could read her face she got a call.
“Standing right outside.” She said.
A second later my friend opened the door. And then another door opened to the right. The girl looked surprised. It was obvious she had goofed up the flat number. As she disappeared inside the other flat without caring to turn back even once I realized one should always be aware of the fact that even if two people get to the same ‘floor’ together doesn't mean they are heading towards the same ‘flat’.