Monday, May 27, 2013

If That's Not Love

Last Sunday when I went to meet a friend at his flat I was pleasantly surprised. The last time I was at his flat its interior gave messiness a new definition. But this time was different. The flat looked all neat and clean with things kept at proper places and also the overall space was utilized with such dexterity that it changed the complete outlook of the flat. Of course, the last time I visited my friend he was still a bachelor. Now he was married.

I wondered it was basically the same flat with the same dimensions, same furniture and other stuff but with someone else's arrangement of it, the flat turned beautiful. I think all of us have the potential of being beautiful in the true sense of the word at any point of time in our life. Just that sometimes someone needs to simply arrange our messy-within in order to make us look and feel beautiful. And if that's not love, nothing is.


Friday, May 10, 2013


I was there at a cousin's place recently. While he was out with his wife I was baby-sitting his seven year old son. He was doing his homework as I was watching an IPL 20-20 cricket match on television. Once done, he showed his homework to me. It was a three page long essay on 'my aim in life'.

"What's this?" I said the moment I flipped the third page. The kid was clueless.
"Its like three different people have written this essay." I continued. "Your handwriting is different in each page."
The kid giggled next and said, "I get bored holding my pen the same way for long."

I kept looking at him and thought: our handwriting depends so much on the way we hold our pen.