Saturday, December 22, 2012

Getting Used To It

“You are late!” I said when the person I was supposed to meet dropped in an hour post the fixed time.
“I’m sorry. There was this mad traffic today.”
“You could have moved out early.”
“The traffic was pretty unlike other days else I would have. I have been travelling in this route for many months now.”
“What would you have done if you were traveling for the first time on this route today?”
“I surely would have moved out early.”

When we initiate a relationship we don’t know exactly what to expect and hence we remain extra alert about everything. But as we get deeper into a relationship we steadily start getting used to the ‘emotional route’ that connects us to the other person. Just because there's been no traffic for a long time its foolish to presume there would never be any and the journey shall forever be smooth. Only if we don't allow ourselves to get used to the favourable factors of a relationship, we would leave no scope for any kind of traffic to mess the appointment of our companionship. Not even for one day because one day is a lot to steer a relationship into uncomfortable lanes.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Spine

The other day I was in the process of keeping a book (I had just finished reading it for the first time) in the book shelf when my eyes fell on another book. There was a time when I had read it at least ten times or so. I took it out, caressed it wondering how much thrill and happiness the book gave me every time I read it in the past. The next instant I noticed the wrinkles on the book's spine. It gave the book a 'worn-out' feel. Immediately I glanced at the book I had just finished reading. Its spine looked fine. I sighed. 

The more you read a 'book', the more you risk the 'wrinkles' on its spine. 


Thursday, October 25, 2012

White Rum or Water

Al-Eye, a friend of mine, (I call her Al-Eye because I think her eyes resemble almonds) told me how one day she accidentally drank white rum. She was thirsty. And when she saw a bottle on a table she drank from it expecting it to be water. It was actually white rum and since she had a bad cold that day she couldn't even sniff the difference to begin with. Only when she had taken some of the alcohol in, she realized something was wrong. She said she hated the taste. Later when I asked her to try the same white rum mixed with a soft drink, she thought it tasted better.

Allegorically speaking the same thing happened to me when I was a lot younger. My soul was thirsty and I ended up drinking love assuming it to be life. As I said I was young at that time and hence ignorance was my guiding angel. I chose love with steep expectations because, by the look of it, it resembled life.

Love, back then, seemed too harsh a drink for my emotional taste buds. And because I didn't find life in the love I drank, I started hating love. But when I grew up and drank the same love after allowing reality to dilute the element of expectation in it a little, it seemed not that bad after all. Something manageable it was. I realized our baseless expectations play a manipulative role in shaping up our perception of things we value. And thereby make us a prisoner of those perceptions forever. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who decides your interior?

A close friend of mine, who usually sported a beard, clean shaved himself before a get together. When all of us friends met, some laughed, some mocked and some thought his bearded look was far better than the clean shaved one and asked him, I thought rudely, to shut himself in and come out only when he had grown his beard back. But this friend of mine seemed unaffected. When I was alone with him, I did apologise on behalf of others for our rather kid-like behaviour.
“Don’t be sorry.” He said. “I’m happy I took the decision.”
“What decision?” I was interested.
“Last night, I happened to look in the mirror quite accidentally and all of a sudden realized how much I hated my beard. And yet I was carrying it for more than three years now. Why? Simply fearing what other’s reaction might be seeing me clean shaved. Then it struck me: I was actually living a life which was dictated by other’s preference of me and worse still I was wrongly calling it my life. It was as if I was staying in my own flat but with the interior decided and done by others. Even though I wasn’t comfortable with the interior, still I lived by it. Whether I’m conforming to other’s perception or preference - or whatever you want to call it – of me doesn’t scare me anymore. I agree I may suck with this clean shaved look of mine but what the heck; it’s my choice! And I strongly think the earlier you answer the question ‘who decides your interior’ the better!”


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pehli Baar

Wrote a Hindi poem after a long time. Thought of sharing. Cheers!

'Pehli Baar'

Jab humne ek dusre ko dekha,
Kahin kisi bachche ne pehli baar Ma kaha hoga.

Jab humne ek dusre ko pehchana,
Kahin kisi gaon mein pehli baar bijli aayi hogi.

Jab humne ek dusre ko mehsoos kiya,
Kahin kisi naujawaan ko pehli tankhwa mili hogi.

Jab humne ek dusre ko samjha,
Kahin kisi garmi se tang rickshewale ko din ki pehli savaari mili hogi.

Jab humne ek dusre ke saath, saath phere liye,
Kahin kisi padhe-likhe ko bhagwan par yakin hua hoga.

Jab humne ek dusre ko chuwa,
Kahin kisi qaidi ko sukoon ki neend aayi hogi.

Jab humne ek dusre ko savara,
Kahin kisi musafir ne, zara rukkar, ghar basane ki thani hogi.

Jab hum ek dusre se bichchre,
Kahin kisi kavi ne apni kavita puri kari hogi.


Monday, May 21, 2012

How About A Sin Tonight?

It was January 4, 2011 when I had, for the first time, blogged about my third novel ( I had just started writing it then. Almost one and a half years later I want to share with you the fact that today is its official date of  release.

The last one and a half year was like visiting a creative gym where I worked relentlessly on the story, the characters, their life, their journey. And now, I guess, its time to flaunt the 'body'. I hope you like it.

To know more about the book please do visit:

Hope you give my third book a chance!

Genre: Relationship Thriller
Price: Rs 125.00
Number of Pages: 294
ISBN: 9788184000313
Language: English
Publisher: Ebury Press (Random House, India)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bus Ride

A day before my friend and I boarded a crowded bus. He immediately got a window seat on the right side. Sometime later I too got a window seat but on the left side.
After we stepped down at our stop my friend asked me, “Did you see the obscene cat fight between those heavyweight aunties?”
“No, I didn’t see any. By the way did you see the elephant? Its trunk was embellished with gold!”
“The what? No! What about the kid showing some awe inspiring dance moves at the traffic signal?”
“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “But I’m sure you must have noticed how the auto rickshaw rammed onto the biker. It was some scene.”
My friend stared at me blankly.

Though we travelled the same distance, via the same route, but my friend and I saw, and missed, different things respectively. The funny thing was while we were down with the excitement of witnessing those things we forgot the fact it was a journey after all. And in a journey everyone is not meant to see everything.  


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shoe Bite

“Yet another shoe bite?” I inquired rather animatedly seeing my friend’s funny gait. She displayed her cute smile as a response and said, “New shoes, new bite!”
“And still you wear it with a smile! What happened to the old one?”
“I’m done with it. I anyway was dragging it for too long." 
I shot an I-am-not-convinced look at her.
"Chill dear!" She said. "Just because a new shoe may bite doesn't mean I’m not going to try one. Also, it’s not that every shoe bites. And the only way to know which one does and which doesn't is to try one!” Her smile remained intact but mine disappeared because in her statement I discovered an important lesson about relationships. 
Sometimes we are so afraid of an emotional bite that we simply don't move on even though that’s the wisest thing to do. We are so hell bound on treating a present relationship on the basis of what we learned from our past that we almost prepare ourselves for an impending bite (which may not ever happen!). 


Wednesday, February 29, 2012


While perusing the work of a famous poet I found two kinds of poems in it: one, with impeccable rhyming lines that made for an engaging read and second, lines with no sense of rhyming and yet they read profound.

It made me introspect: whenever Life gave me a line, a situation, I got busy searching the correct rhyming line for it so that the poem of my life too read like others did. I don't know why I was made to believe if I was doing what everyone else was it was the right thing. It took me away from myself because my existence became a game-of-reactions with Life. It would give me a situation and I would react to it in a conditioned manner. Basically, rhyming with my life’s lines made me conform to what most people were, may be, but more importantly what I was not.

Done with the poetry I concluded I shall let Life choose whatever line it wants to and I’ll choose mine. After all it’s my life. And I should be the one to decide whether to rhyme Life’s lines with something we all are conditioned to do from the beginning or react to it with something that I as an individual prefer.    


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Channel Surfing

When the time came for me to watch the television serial I was excited about since morning; the channel was gone. I was angry, frustrated, upset all at the same time. When I switched on the television it was on channel number 21. And I ended up surfing forward the three hundred plus channels installed in my television set with no success. Finally, I saw the channel I was looking for at channel number 20.

Sometimes, the incident taught me, the things we want in life are so close to us that we end up overlooking them.