Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who decides your interior?

A close friend of mine, who usually sported a beard, clean shaved himself before a get together. When all of us friends met, some laughed, some mocked and some thought his bearded look was far better than the clean shaved one and asked him, I thought rudely, to shut himself in and come out only when he had grown his beard back. But this friend of mine seemed unaffected. When I was alone with him, I did apologise on behalf of others for our rather kid-like behaviour.
“Don’t be sorry.” He said. “I’m happy I took the decision.”
“What decision?” I was interested.
“Last night, I happened to look in the mirror quite accidentally and all of a sudden realized how much I hated my beard. And yet I was carrying it for more than three years now. Why? Simply fearing what other’s reaction might be seeing me clean shaved. Then it struck me: I was actually living a life which was dictated by other’s preference of me and worse still I was wrongly calling it my life. It was as if I was staying in my own flat but with the interior decided and done by others. Even though I wasn’t comfortable with the interior, still I lived by it. Whether I’m conforming to other’s perception or preference - or whatever you want to call it – of me doesn’t scare me anymore. I agree I may suck with this clean shaved look of mine but what the heck; it’s my choice! And I strongly think the earlier you answer the question ‘who decides your interior’ the better!”



anshuma said...

as always awesome

Richa Saini said...

It actually happens with every single person at some point of time. Some realize it and try to change and some just go with the flow thinking they are making others happy when they forget their own desire.