Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mobile Phone

Last week one of my cousins bought a suave new mobile phone. And Jesus, was she hyper about it? All through the week she kept exploring its features to the maximum (postponing her dinner at times!). But this week she didn’t seem as interested and excited as she was when she just bought it. When I inquired she said, “Oh, I already know all about it.” So that’s it, I thought. I’ll probably see her hyper-self again when she lays her hand on another set.

I think there is a latent lesson in relationship here. And the more I thought about it the more the answers to what makes a relationship click or bleak grew on me.

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY

Thursday, October 8, 2009


A young boy, walking – quite rightly – on the footpath was transformed into pulp in a matter of seconds by a car driven by an alcoholic out-of-control rich brat.

It was a normal newspaper report I came across recently. This boy paid the price because someone else was drunk driving.

When I lay on bed that night I thought how many times it has happened to me. I did things the way they should have been done and yet paid the price because some alcoholic out-of-control brat (God?) rammed his car (destiny??) onto me squashing my hopes and will into pulp. I mean what else the boy could have done if not walk on the footpath?

And the question – whose fault was it – continues to remain unanswered in my mind.

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY