Wednesday, April 29, 2009


When he told his father the truth – he failed in the second unit test as well – his father took him to a restaurant. Why? He was clueless.

After they placed the order his father took out a pen and placed a paper napkin on the table. The boy watched him write on it.

“What is it?”


He wrote something beside it and asked, “What is it now?”

“Zero again.”

His father looked at him for a while and then wrote on the napkin again.

“What is it?”

“One.” The boy replied looking intently at the figure on the napkin.

“What does it do to the other two zeroes?”

“It adds value for its one hundred now.”

“Good. The point is, son, never be afraid of the zeroes in life. Even after an innumerable number of zeroes a ONE is always possible which might alter the figure of your life to your liking. The important thing is,” his eyes riveted on the boy, “Keep up the hard work going.”

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY

Monday, April 13, 2009


The solid hug they gave each other almost made up for the years that kept them apart.

“Gosh! Its ten years since we last saw each other.” Exclaimed one of the two.

“Eleven, to be precise.” The other one corrected.

“Oh, doesn’t matter. Now we’ll be in regular touch. So, tell me what’s up? Hey did I tell you I am going to join IIM, Ahmedabad this summer.”

“Great news. Congrats.”

“Thanks. What about you?”

“I am a struggling actor.”

“That’s alright. But what are you doing in life?”

“I told you.”

“Struggling actor? Nothing else?”


“Dude, thousands run after the glamour but only handful of them survive. Get yourself a job first and may be then-”

“Have you ever seen a star studded sky?”

“Why, yes.”

“You may like the star just above your head or the one in the right or to the left perhaps but you got no right to question why the star to the left is in the left. I believe the point of our living is to find the coordinates where we know we belong and respect it irrespective of whatever difficulties or humiliation we encounter.”

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Dove and the Eagle

“Why shouldn’t I cut someone else’s throat to snatch what I deserve? Why shouldn’t I be blatant about my needs? Why shouldn’t I cut the crap of decency and get straight to the point instead? Why shouldn’t I simply be a predator? Why shouldn’t I push the other in the crowd to get to my prize? Tell me mom, why shouldn’t I?

His mother thought for a while and then replied, “Have you ever seen an eagle?” The boy nodded. “Have you ever seen a dove?” The boy frowned but nodded again. His mother continued, “An eagle can fly much higher than a dove. Much higher! It’s fiercer than a dove too. Anytime! And being an eagle may surely help you fly higher than high in your life but in the end, my son, people only admire a dove. For - doesn’t matter its limitations - it’s a dove that inspires love in the hearts of people. And it’s the image of a dove that stays on, in a pleasant way, long after it’s gone.”

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY