Sunday, March 29, 2009


Gopi was destiny’s illegitimate child. And apart from his distant dreams he only had a father who, presently, needed an urgent heart operation.

Gopi, in his quest for some money, knocked at Mr. Sharma’s house where his father worked as a gardener. He, in his own sugar coated words, denied to give any money. Gopi was upset but the moment his eyes fell on the exquisite flower vase kept on a table beside the couch his desperation peaked. He asked for a glass of water. The moment Mr. Sharma disappeared into the kitchen Gopi went straight in and grabbed the vase. He wanted to put it inside his bag when Madhuri appeared in the room.

She was Mr. Sharma’s only child and, perhaps, used to live elsewhere for Gopi had seen her only once before. She was sitting by a window and he was working with his father in the garden. And one look at her made him connect to that portion of his soul where all the will to fight life lay.

Gopi was taken aback seeing Madhuri in the room. He didn’t know she was there at home else he would have never attempted such a mindless act. He immediately loosened his grip and kept the vase back on the table in haste. Gopi didn’t even dare to look into her eyes. He simply dashed out of the house dressed in utter shame. From now on, his within hollered, his first love would know him as the boy who tried to steal her vase. As a thief!

Seconds after Gopi went away, with the snake of guilt around his conscience, Madhuri called out to her father, “Papa, would you please bring me my dark glasses and the stick. I want to go out for a walk.”

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY