Sunday, February 14, 2010

PC Game

There is this friend of mine who is a PC Game addict. I was at his place few days back and seeing his maniacal collection of game CDs I shot a casual query at him, "Bro, is there any game you have played but couldn't complete?"
"No!" It was prompt. "There is no game in this stupid world which can't be completed. Sometimes you have to be at it day and night though."

And he was right. I remembered all the PC and Video games I played as a kid. Every stage was an impossible challenge at first. But eventually - after playing it obsessively day and night - I did manage to conquer and move on to the next stage.

I thought about his statement for a while and then said, "Voila!" with a faint smile of realization.

And I guess you know why.

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY