Saturday, December 22, 2012

Getting Used To It

“You are late!” I said when the person I was supposed to meet dropped in an hour post the fixed time.
“I’m sorry. There was this mad traffic today.”
“You could have moved out early.”
“The traffic was pretty unlike other days else I would have. I have been travelling in this route for many months now.”
“What would you have done if you were traveling for the first time on this route today?”
“I surely would have moved out early.”

When we initiate a relationship we don’t know exactly what to expect and hence we remain extra alert about everything. But as we get deeper into a relationship we steadily start getting used to the ‘emotional route’ that connects us to the other person. Just because there's been no traffic for a long time its foolish to presume there would never be any and the journey shall forever be smooth. Only if we don't allow ourselves to get used to the favourable factors of a relationship, we would leave no scope for any kind of traffic to mess the appointment of our companionship. Not even for one day because one day is a lot to steer a relationship into uncomfortable lanes.