Monday, May 21, 2012

How About A Sin Tonight?

It was January 4, 2011 when I had, for the first time, blogged about my third novel ( I had just started writing it then. Almost one and a half years later I want to share with you the fact that today is its official date of  release.

The last one and a half year was like visiting a creative gym where I worked relentlessly on the story, the characters, their life, their journey. And now, I guess, its time to flaunt the 'body'. I hope you like it.

To know more about the book please do visit:

Hope you give my third book a chance!

Genre: Relationship Thriller
Price: Rs 125.00
Number of Pages: 294
ISBN: 9788184000313
Language: English
Publisher: Ebury Press (Random House, India)