Thursday, July 11, 2013

Food Poisoning

An acquaintance and I had gone to a temple where we were served the prasad in a small plastic packet. I ate it immediately while he kept it inside his pocket.
"You should eat it now." I said.
"I won't. I'll throw it once I'm out of here." He said.
I was shocked. "If you don't believe in God then why are you here?"
"I do believe in God," he said,  "But last year after I had prasad from one of the temples I suffered from food poisoning. I spent a whole fortnight in a hospital."
"But its not the same temple, is it?" I quipped.
He nodded. We together moved out of the temple.

I was amazed how one single incidence of 'food poisoning' at one particular temple had made him doubt the prasad of every other temple.



Sobhan Pramanik said...

One torrid experience in life with someone and the he/she classifies the entire human race to be filthy.

Shaloo Rakheja said...

He's only human and I can relate. Plus I think you shouldn't judge him for such a simple thing. And the dude was honest. COme on !

Shinega said...

I'm afraid why haven't you created a "true" widget. Because I wish I might just click it instead of just a courtesy of clicking on to "interesting" instead.

I wish you might consider!

Wink. Wink.