Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Here's the BLURB of my next novel: Black Suits You. (a psycho-sexual thriller)

Twenty-seven-year-old Kiyan Roy is the reclusive author of the bestselling erotica trilogy, Handcuffs.  As he appears publicly for the first time to promote his books, his readers fall in love with his good looks and wit. However, one of them gets too close. Kiyan is followed and seduced by a mysterious girl who pursues him across cities, book events, hotels, luncheons and media interviews.  Soon, he becomes obsessed by her and falls for her charms. As Kiyan gets sucked deeper and deeper into this dark and twisted love affair, he is forced to surrender all control. His life and career slowly begin unraveling as this girl leads him down a dangerous path. But is it already too late to rectify his mistakes?  Will the path to desire end in doom? 

Black Suits You is a gripping, fast-paced and a clever psycho-sexual thriller that will keep you guessing till the end.

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Sharmistha said...

Wow...... So interesting... Already captivated by it....just waiting impatiently now

Anonymous said...

When is the next novel i mean what after black suits you ?how long we have to wait?

Sita Rawal said...

hi sir

just finished your novel 'Black suits you' .

i became your fan after reading your 'EX'

awesome writing , crazy chracters and can't say its whole intersting. you have shown the power of faminisam that i like most. love is not really true alwyas after reading this its all clear in my mind. seduction have been used by you is awesome. i too felt aroused many times. so its all your writing makes the reader bound for your stories.i have already ordered your all booknow i will start stranger trillogy . looking forward for your next novel .keep writing some erotics and romantic . all the best

your reader


Anonymous said...

Sir,the novel was a complete suspense.i loved it soo much ..all the characters.the incidents are expressed soo well jzt a ques ..wht abt kiyannn.???where did he go?what happened to him aftr tht??