Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Complaint

"The sea was much better," the traveller complained. "Whenever I got tired it at least had its currents to push me forward on my journey but you," he looked at the vast desert surrounding him, "you are of no help."

He went down on his knees, dead tired. When his breaths restored back to normalcy, a while later, he heard the desert's voice.

"I agree. I am of no help like the sea and thus I often depress people. But do you really think people will remember you for crossing the sea? Never! For the sea doesn't allow you to leave any mark. I, on the contrary, do. Thus, if you cross me, I swear, you will in turn immortalize yourself with the imprints you leave over me!"

The traveller got the essence and got up to walk on. "It's always about the imprints," his heart echoed.

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY


Angry Voices said...

Disagree with you on this one chief. Desert storms wipe traces away. The sea doesn't show mirages of false hope. The desert does.

Not one of your better ones, this. Yet, I like the fact that it's got an uplifting tone to it.

naina said...

your idea regarding the complain is very, i liked the positive message it conveys.

AnuRadha GarImella said...

Well I dun know how far will I be right in sayn this but... " With a push in your life at every point, you hardly tend to set milestones in lyf. But without a push, if you walk with your own gut feeling, undoubtfully u'll commit mistakes but heyy....those are what form Mileposts!! .... and with each milepost you learn,discover and fathom your Goal/Destiny .... hence when you trace back mileposts become milestones!! :) " ..... Here, though the Sea offers the currents to push to the traveller...and Desert offers a natural/ownself feeling ....A Realization!!

Desert storms do wipe away the traces... but what about the traces/wisdom accumalated ...imbibed over our mind/heart ...over the journey? Who'll wipe them off us?
Its true Desert shows mirages of false hope...But atleast it gives Hope for those few moments to "The Unhopeful".....unlike Sea...whose currents are the only hope! We all need false hopes in our lives to get us going,At Times! :) My Views!! :)

n B c said...

Point taken :P

Sharmistha said...

It's just like your A Thing Beyond Forever;- impossible yet possible. Even though it sounds an unequal comparison between the sea and the desert, yet establishes logical finishing as the complaint itself is illogical .... yes while it's the turn of leaving footprint, crossing the desert is the best option.