Sunday, July 6, 2008

What Are You Looking At?

"It always happens this way." The Sun told the Wind. "What does?" The Wind was as usual


"Thorns and roses - they always co-exist."

"But there outer self is in such irony to the inner self."

The Sun gave the Wind a blank look. Surmising the hint the Wind chose to clarify further.

"Yesterday when I was blowing I overheard the rose talking to itself..."


I don't know why the hell people smile when they see me. I look so pathetic. All my life

I simply exist being a sharp and pointed thing good for nothing except hurting

people. Or may be they feel better about themselves after seeing my silly and ugly


The Wind sighed and continued. "I overheard the thorn too..."


I don't know why people are afraid of me. Some even ask their children to maintain safe

distance from me whereas I think I am one of the most beautiful thing ever created. My

petals, my design, my colour, my softness, my aura, my romance...where else would they get

such an austere mix? And yet...still, I thank God for the way he made me and no matter what

others think or do to me I would rather prefer to remain happy forever as in the end there

are so few things in this world which are as beautiful as I am.

"So", this time the Sun sighed, "the rose is unhappy for it assumed itself – probably

looking at the thorn all its life – to be just a thorn and thus ignored the happiness that

it deserved all these years. While on the other hand the thorn assumed itself to be a rose

and thus enjoyed happiness ever since."

The Wind nodded.

"It always happens this way."

"What does?"

"Happiness can definitely follow us wherever we go and whatever we do ... only if we

know what we are and what actually we are looking at."

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY


Angry Voices said...

This story has convinced me to look at myself beyond ISB.

The (t)horny for money directors sure made phools of us.

dpooh said...

Hi! It so happened that I stumbled across your blog few days back and started to read each of the articles in it. Now I realize some one has rightly said, you are a very good writer.
I wanted to tell you that this write up of yours has left me disturbed,I still don't know the reason for it, but this one comes back to my mind again and again and I keep asking myself why does the rose think so, why doesn't the thorn realize.. :-|

NovoneeL ChakrabortY said...

Hi dpooh

Quoting you "why does the rose think so, why doesn't the thorn realize"

the story was written so that the 'roses' don't think so and the 'thorns' realize the hard truth :)

Thanks for your comment. Best wishes.

dpooh said...

hmm.. some part of me is worried - "how & when"..
very nice and different.. :)

NovoneeL ChakrabortY said...

Thanks :)

anuradha .... said...

Hi Novoneel,
Doesn't this also mean One's Identity is always Incomplete....without the "other"??....and we are always dependent on the "other" to realize our own Existence?...

If there weren't any thorns in rose, Then Rose would be like any other flower...say Tulips...but still ppl prefer roses......Roses are known for their thorns!!...and fragnance and Beauty!!!...

:)...dont know how far am i rgt!! :)
take care,
AnuRadha :)

n B c said...

Yes, we all live collateral lives ... sometimes the incompleteness of one is for the completeness for another and vice versa

Puja said...

But if the thorn is living a happy life, is it really important that it realizes the truth???
If he is satisfied, why cant that satisfaction remain forever???
And about the misconceptions... Why cant the rose be happy with its beauty and the thorn as protector of the beauty???

n B c said...

Puja, 'IF' the Thorn is happy then the Truth doesn't matter. But the 'if' is a big one. Moreover Rose can't be happy with its beauty because its assuming itself to be a Thorn and same applies for the Thorn which is presuming its actually the Rose. Hence, I feel, the Truth needs to dawn on them for Acceptance on their and the 'real' happiness that shall follow..