Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Zip

"How can I help you sir?" The attendent asked me with the typical plastic smile of a salesman.
"I need a pair of jeans."
"What is her waist size?"
"Her? Excuse me...I need it for myself."
"I am sorry sir but this is the ladies section."
I instantly cleared my throat, thank you for embarassing, I thought while he continued.
"Please follow me this way sir."
I did.
After perusing a heap of jeans I finally got what I wanted. The texture, the cutting, the color, the fitting everything was just perfect. I knew my shopping was done. Out of curiosity I thought of checking it out one final time. And that was when I found the zip was not working. Believe me had it been anything else I might have still thought of buying that rare looking jeans but the zip ... no way was I ready to go public with my stuff.
"Could you please give me another of this thing?" I asked the attendent.
"Sorry sir we got only one piece."
"But the zip isn't working."
"If you give us two days we can provide you with another piece of this type."
A sighed deeply, when was the last time I got something without having to wait for it? "Alright. I'll come in the week end."
"Thank you sir."
Dejected I stepped out of the shop and as I took a taxi for home a thought ocurred to me: No matter how good a pant is if the zip doesn't work ... nothing works.
Something inside me immediately replaced the word pant with person and zip with character.

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY


Angry Voices said...

If the zip doesn't work, then whatever is inside, becomes public. People might laugh at it, and others might ogle it.

Fitting word replacements you found..

No wonder we shy away from showing whatever is inside.

Rimi said...

the message that u r trying to convey thru this story is gr8......d words r beautifully put up n they gracefully convey the message.
only a mature n balanced person like u cn write a story like this.

sanobar said...

You have put a very intelligent thought in words.Too gud.

zeal never dies! said...

i simply in love with d words u choose and write with!

prasad patankar said...

here there is lack of fluency in last two or three lines.

Sagar said...

[b] The gr8 way of expressing you have, surely an ocean of wisdom is flowing within you...looks in your book too. keep it up bro... :-)

anuradha said...

the simple yet beutiful words r beautifully 'zipped' wid ur intelligence...
again a gr8 thought!
reflects reality frm d verry 1st line...
too good!

n B c said...


Anuradha Garimella said...

Wat Abstract thought!! ....A person without a Character : A pant without a proper zip! khee hee :) ratio zip:pant::character:person! kinda funny though mindful!

n B c said...