Saturday, October 4, 2008

Plus - Minus

"Today" The teacher said, "I will tell you about the mathematics of life." He immediately turned around and drew a horizontal line on the black board. "What's this?" He asked aloud to the class.
Since it was a mathematics class the students were pretty much clear about it. "A minus sign."
"Right. It indeed is a minus sign. Each one of us has or will experience a minus, or minuses, at some point in our lives. What then?"
A boy raised his hand and after a nod from the teacher said, "Screw-time."
A wave of laughter touched the entire class.
"Exactly!" The teacher continued, "And I presume nobody likes that. So how do we turn the minus into a plus?" Blank faces gaped at the teacher.
"Let us suppose 'I' is an individual and 'I' chooses to confront the minus by being at the middle of things then lets see what happens to the minus." He again turned around and this time drew an 'I' vertically over the minus.

"That's a plus!" He heard the awe-struck voices and instantly knew his job was done.

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY


Angry Voices said...

"I" takes care of things. Positive and negative connotations both inclusive.

You are a modern day Aesop. :)

Shilpa said...

Although I like a positive approach towards life and try to follow it but still there are times when negativism supersede the positive thoughts.

Bashoree said...

nice approach.Your writing will change many people's lives that's for sure!

richa said...

waah..nice thought..ingenious way of putting it all together..

AnuRadha GarimelLa said...

Truth is 'I'
Love is 'I'
'I' is Everything
'I' is ME
'ME' is Everything!!!

N I Agree with what Bashoree dee said!

:) Keep cerebrating!!

n B c said...

Thank you all !! :)