Tuesday, October 21, 2008


To Raghu’s utter disgust it happened for five days straight.

Moving across the hotel’s lobby, to provide the hotel staff with tea and snacks from time to time, Raghu always slipped and fell down. Every fall brought him thorny teases from the staff and a bite of embarrassment from within. In the end it was only Akbar chacha, the older security guard at the entrance, who used to offer his help.

As the first week got over he asked Akbar chacha about it. “Why do I fall in the same place every time? Though I repeatedly remind myself not to but still …”

“You fall because you don’t learn from the floor. You only focus on the fall while walking and thus a part of you always remains ignorant about the slippery floor. It’s always how-did-I-fall for you whereas it should be why-did-I-fall. Do you get me son?”

He didn’t get him completely but since his practice of what Akbar chacha told him Raghu never slipped again either.

By: NovoneeL ChakrabortY


Angry Voices said...

a classic case of focus of pride after the fall?

Bashoree said...

A very nice way of thought to learn from our mistakes.

Supriya said...

it's good! novoneel i read ur book-a thing beyond forever it took me to a diffrnt land alltogether and memories i have engraved within long time back and the pain of love ,u helped me in reviving those moments of my life once again,like like my true love is also connected deeply ,i just nw finished the book! falling short of words will writ eto you someother time !
thanks for introducing this book!
all i can say!
take care !
god bless you!

Shas Morenzo said...

u have a knack of being pithy and terse yet brief enough for the point to get through...rock on dude...
visit my blog

AnuRadha GarimelLa said...

Gud post! Gud Thought! :)

n B c said...

Thank you all !!